Hello Eminem Fans, today we have worked hard!

  • Now, on our site you can watch your favorite Eminem Movie, 8 Mile without disturbances and of course, FREE!

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  • We added a page where you’ll find GIFs(animated photos) from your favorite song, performance or video.

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  • We added too, a page where you can send us a Fan Email to thanks, to give us more ideas or something you want to ask.

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  • As you already know or not, we added the FAQ page where are the most asked questions I’ve been getting lately.

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  • Eminem Baseball Tribute Champ Hat - Away and Home.

=2500 remaining=

For a limited time only in honor of the big games and the hometown team’s return to The D we are pleased to offer the Eminem Baseball Tribute Hat in both home and away colors. Side panel is dedicated to the landmark Eminem solo albums. A portion of the proceeds will go to The Marshall Mathers Foundation.

Home :

Away :

So this is it… this is what I wished for, just isn’t how I envisioned it, famed to the point of imprisonment. I just thought the shit’d be different but something changed the minute that I got a whiff of it, I started to inhale it, smell it, started sniffin’ it and it became my cocaine I just couldn’t quit, I just wanted a little bit then it turned me in to a monster, I became a hypocrite concert after concert.
Eminem (Careful What You Wish For)
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